Thursday, February 7, 2008

First Post

This is a way that I can keep people informed about how Dana is doing over seas and also to tell people about the children and even maybe some of my craft stuff so lets hope that this will be a fun thing to do.


Freeman said...

Hi, Liz'
I think this might work - I do have a long way to go. The pictures are great. Keep it up. Let me know if this comment makes its way to you. We were too late getting home to call tonight - will tomorrow. Hope your cold is better.
Hello to the boys.
Grampa Freman and Nana Flora Anne.

Judy said...

Hey Liz - this is great! I love the pics, esp. the icicles that look like a spider web (Noah took I believe..! My, Dana is a handsome man -as are the boys - love that pic too! One missing - none of YOU! Too bad I didn't "find" you all on the grounds or I could have been your personal photographer - next time! The blog is a great idea esp. if your boys will send a line once in a while or a picture or two! You could get them to take one of you...keep up the good work sweet woman. hugs - Aunt Judy xo

Brendan said...

Good call on starting up the blog. Maybe if we're good with leaving comments, it will help you stay motivated to keep it up to date. I love the shot of the icicles.

daryl said...

Hi Liz,
We love your site, nice pictures.
We can't wait till Easter (Thursday) when we go to PEI and see you all.
Again the icicles are a brilliant touch, wish we could have been to the Jack Frost Festival, missed it again for another year.
Just wondering if Dana will get to view this or not?
Diane and Diane and of course Pebbles too.