Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter morning

The boys woke up at 6 am Easter morning so I let them have there hunt early so that they would not bug me about the hunt and I could sleep in. All the eggs had the boys name on it so they each found the same amount. The Easter Bunny even wrote them bad poems to find during the hunt. Dana can read them when he gets home but for everyone else just take my word they were bad.
Noah started to get sick in the afternoon and had a nap and missed Easter supper . Freeman out did himself with the meal. Owen had three helpings of that chicken dish he does so well. Noah woke up and still not feeling well went back to bed and has a throw-up bucket near him. My plans might have to change so I hope to be home tomorrow.

Noah's new Hair

Noah got his hair cut and has styled it everyday since. He likes it flip up at the front and a bit spiky on top. The shirt is new got it sears I think he loves it. Has dragons on the bottom.

Horton hears a Whitty

Went to see Horton Hears a Who with Kim, Joe and Stef. Had a great time. Glad to have a picture like this never think of it when they have those big add things for movies.

More March Break

More photo's from march break. Owen loved his tattoo and tried to keep it for as many days as he could while Noah had a bath when he got home and washed it all off.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thought you might like this.

Boys dancing real cute. Didn't move the camera around alot so I hope that you want get to dizzy.

Watch some of Noah's moves. They were very entertaining.

March Break

This is the pool at Crystal palace which the boys loved. Our room had a door that lead out right to the pool so all we had to do was open the door and we were there. Would do this again. Very fun


This is how Noah gets tall enough to see over the counter at the canteen at the skate park.

This is what we do on Sat. Go to the market and the off to the in door skate park for the afternoon. Boys love it and I get to catch up on some of my reading.

more form the Wedding

Are they not the greatest looking group of kids you ever saw.
These are the pretty girls that the boys got to walk down the aisle with. the little one is Heather and I just think she looks like a doll.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Wedding

Okay was trying to get this done and then the blogg would not let me up load any more picutres so I will post what I can tonight and finish tomorrow (Sunday).

So this is how the boys all started out. They all look good right. The groom is the guy in the second row on the far left (Ithink) His name is Jacob. Nice guy quite though. Then the best man his brother can't remember his name and then I think Brother in law or maybe it was his other brother but not to shure and then a friend. The front row is Wesley, Owen, Noah and Alex. Wish I could show you the shoes I bought them for the wedding. They were Airwalk that were grey and black plaid with some red in then. They look so cute. I liked then so much I got a pair too.

This is just after the wedding. The shortest wedding that I have ever been to. Less then 15 min. Wow! Any way boys still not looking to bad.

This one alittle out of order but oh well. Noah doing some dancing. Notice the shirt or lack off.

Look at the shirts now untucked or totally off.

Now they all have their shirts off.

More to come going to bed now.
Love ya all.

Crazy Hair Day at School

Yes I know I should learn how to turn these pictures but hey turning you heads is just as good. Owen is wearing his new hat that we bought at Walmart after we lost his at the hockey game last friday. He loves this hat so much that he hardly takes it off. It looks pretty cute on him. Many people asked where we got the hat and that they thought that is was cool.

Noah was going to colour his hair the same colour as his fathers but we ran out of silver colour hair dye so we thought that we would use some red that we had. As I was putting it on he siad that his hair was like fire and ice (red and silver). Thought that was pretty cute.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is the card that Noah's class made for Dana. He gave alittle talk to the class as well.

At the Moncton Air Port there were these cool isicles. That Owen a took a picture of.

Owen going into the Wild Cats Game.

Sitting on one of the ice thrones

Noah doing the same.

This was the entrance to ice sculptures.

Lego land at Confed Mall. Boys loved it again this year.

This was the fireworks and Sat night. The smoke is peoples breath. Thought that this cool.

This was a street performer who's hands were on fire. She was very funny.

On one of the rides at the Civic Center. There was no where where the boys could spend money.

anyway this is the first week that you were gone. The boys really did not want their photo's taken so pics are few and far between.

Miss you and love you.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

First Post

This is a way that I can keep people informed about how Dana is doing over seas and also to tell people about the children and even maybe some of my craft stuff so lets hope that this will be a fun thing to do.