Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crazy Hair Day at School

Yes I know I should learn how to turn these pictures but hey turning you heads is just as good. Owen is wearing his new hat that we bought at Walmart after we lost his at the hockey game last friday. He loves this hat so much that he hardly takes it off. It looks pretty cute on him. Many people asked where we got the hat and that they thought that is was cool.

Noah was going to colour his hair the same colour as his fathers but we ran out of silver colour hair dye so we thought that we would use some red that we had. As I was putting it on he siad that his hair was like fire and ice (red and silver). Thought that was pretty cute.

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Anonymous said...

Good picturws! Boy, you look great nice you were having so much fun.I like your cap Owen and your hair colour Noah.

from your pei home.Grampa Freeman.