Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Wedding

Okay was trying to get this done and then the blogg would not let me up load any more picutres so I will post what I can tonight and finish tomorrow (Sunday).

So this is how the boys all started out. They all look good right. The groom is the guy in the second row on the far left (Ithink) His name is Jacob. Nice guy quite though. Then the best man his brother can't remember his name and then I think Brother in law or maybe it was his other brother but not to shure and then a friend. The front row is Wesley, Owen, Noah and Alex. Wish I could show you the shoes I bought them for the wedding. They were Airwalk that were grey and black plaid with some red in then. They look so cute. I liked then so much I got a pair too.

This is just after the wedding. The shortest wedding that I have ever been to. Less then 15 min. Wow! Any way boys still not looking to bad.

This one alittle out of order but oh well. Noah doing some dancing. Notice the shirt or lack off.

Look at the shirts now untucked or totally off.

Now they all have their shirts off.

More to come going to bed now.
Love ya all.

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